Finding love can be tough. Whether you are looking for a casual dating experience, or a serious relationship, it can be hard to find the right person. If you are looking to date someone of Filipina descent, it can be even more difficult to find a suitable date. The Internet, however, has opened up a wealth of Filipina dating opportunities. Online, you can find a huge array of websites that cater to dating Philippines women.

Where to Find Filipinas Online

Sometimes, traditional social venues and events, like clubs and parties, are not the best place to meet potential dates. The Internet is a fantastic place for dating. You can find dating websites, some of which are free, which are aimed specifically at singles that are looking to date someone of Asian descent.

Nowadays, the Internet is a great way to meet people. In fact, in twenty years’ time, half of all marriages will be between couples who met online. Speed dating events can also be a good place to meet people, as they have events that are specifically for people of Asian descent.

Best Websites for Filipina Dating – new elite Asian dating website for NZ members only, launching soon.


Arguably the best place online to meet and date Filipina women. If you’re particularly interested in forming a serious relationship, with the potential to eventually get married to your partner, we recommend this should be your starting point.

– FindLoveAsia

FindLoveAsia is a dating website that is aimed at singles looking to date people of Asian descent. It’s a great site for meeting Philippine women, and best of all it is completely free. It’s the perfect site to use if you are on a budget.

Filipino Cupid

Filipino Cupid is one of the most trust-worthy Filipina dating sites on the Internet. The website has an impressive database of members too, boasting two million members. It’s free to create a profile, browse photos and start communicating with other members.

– NZAsianDating

Another free dating site, NZAsianDating is the perfect place to meet Filipina singles. Whether you are looking to find a serious relationship, or to just go on a few dates, NZAsianDating is the site for you. It’s free to join the site too, which is an added bonus.

Extra Tips for Success

– Always Act Confident: In dating confidence is key. And even if you don’t feel confident on the inside, act it on the outside. When dating, you want to act as though you are at ease, and confident with yourself. If you act nervous your date will most likely notice. Put your date at ease, and act confident.

– Grooming is Essential: Don’t show up for your date looking sloppy or disheveled. This is something that you just don’t do in any dating situation, but it’s especially important if you are dating a Filipina person. Personal hygiene is very important. Make sure that before you date you have showered, brushed your teeth and combed your hair. Also, make sure that your outfit is clean, and looks neat.

– Family and Religion are Important: In Filipina culture, generally speaking, family and religion are very important. Make sure that you ask questions about your date’s family. This will make you seem caring and interested. It’s also a good idea to respect their religion. In fact, religion is something that you shouldn’t really bring up when first dating someone.

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