If you are of Indian descent, or if you would just like to date someone of Indian descent, online dating websites are the perfect way to meet your perfect match. Whether you are looking for a casual dating experience, or a long-lasting relationship, online dating websites are a great option. Online, there’s a huge selection of dating websites that are aimed at Indian dating.

Where to Find Indian Singles Online

Dating websites are the perfect place to meet Indian singles. Meeting someone online has many advantages. On an online dating website, you know that everyone is there to meet someone for romance. Online, there are a plethora of sites that feature Indian girls dating both foreign men and men of the same descent. These sites that have Indian women dating also feature Indian men looking for love too.

Best Websites for Indian Dating

There are many websites online that cater to Indian dating in New Zealand.

Match.com India

Match.com is one of the most trustworthy, and most famous, brands in the online dating industry. The company has matched thousands of couples, from countries around the world. The website has a section that caters specifically to Indians.


IndianDating.com is a website that is aimed at bringing people of Indian descent together. The website is ideal if you are of Indian descent yourself, and want to meet someone who is of the same descent. The website aims to bring people of the same culture together. The site is free to join too, which is always a bonus.


IndianCupid.com is part of the Cupid Network. This network specializes in niche dating and it operates over thirty dating websites. IndianCupid.com is a dating website that specializes in Indian singles. The website has thousands of members, and you can create a profile for free on there.

Extra Tips for Success

– Take an Interest in their Culture

Your date’s culture is likely important to them. If you aren’t of Indian descent yourself, try to ask questions and take an interest in your date’s culture. This will show your date that you really care, and that you are interested in getting to know them more.

– Always Be Gracious

Indian culture is very polite and gracious, so your date will expect the same from you. On your date, always make sure that you are polite, and treat your date in a respectful way.

– Stay Away from Inappropriate Topics

On the first few dates, some topics should always be avoided. These include politics, religion and sex. Religion is often important to people of Indian descent, so making remarks that could be portrayed as derogatory, even if you are joking, should definitely be avoided. Of course, sex should also not be brought up when you are first dating, as it could make your date feel awkward.

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