Looking for love can be tough. Whether you want to have fun dating casually, or want to find a person to spend your life with, the Internet is a great place to meet people. If you are of Thai descent yourself, or would just like to date someone of Asian descent, then using the Internet to do so can be an ideal option. Online, there’s a huge array of websites that feature Thai girls and Thai men who are looking for relationships.

Thai Dating Online

The Internet is a fantastic place to meet new people. Online, you can find all kinds of websites that cater to specific types of dating. This means that online, you can much more easily find a great match for yourself, than you could offline. Unlike at a club or a bar, on an online dating website, you know that all members are there for romantic relationships. This makes dating much easier,

Best Thai Dating Sites

AsianDatingNZ.co.nz – brand new Asian dating website for New Zealand, launching soon.


While Match.com is a general dating website, a large percentage of its membership base is of Asian descent. This means that it’s a fantastic place to meet Thai singles. It’s also a highly trustworthy dating site, which has a large membership base.

Thai Cupid

ThaiCupid.com is a website that is aimed at singles looking to date people of Thai descent. Part of a huge network of dating sites, Thai Cupid is the largest dating site for Thais, and it boasts over one million members. You can post a profile, browse other users’ profiles, and start communicating with other members for free.


AsiaDateNet.com has a great Thai membership base. The best thing about the site, however, is that it’s completely free, so it’s ideal if you are on a budget.

Extra Tips and Advice

– Avoid Talking About Sex: Sex is never something that should be brought up on the first few dates, but it’s especially true with Thai women. Making bold sexual remarks is a definite no-no. Also, making sexual jokes should also be avoided, even if you think that these jokes are light-hearted banter. Talking about sex will most likely embarrass your date.

– Make yourself Presentable

Showing up to a date looking scruffy and unkempt is never a good idea. When dating a Thai person, however, personal hygiene is even more important. Before your date, you need to make sure that you have showered, combed your hair, and brushed your teeth, at the minimum, It’s also a good idea to wear a fragrance, like cologne, perfume, and deodorant.

– Relax

Being relaxed is always essential for a successful date. Dates are supposed to be fun and exciting, not nervous and awkward. If you’re nervous and anxious, you won’t enjoy your date. On your date, try to relax. Think positively, and don’t worry too much. If you act calm, and laid-back, both you and your date will have a better time on your date.

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