Dating in Christchurch – Crash Course Guide

Getting a date in Christchurch can be a tough proposition for some. Things are pretty good at the moment if you’re female, with the influx of tradies coming in for the earthquake rebuild putting a lot more single fellas on the market – of course, if you’re a local lad, that also means there’s a bit more competition around from guys with exotic accents. That all being said, there are a few tried and true ways to meet Christchurch singles and make a connection.

Meeting People at Bars

For most people, this is the default way to meet people of the opposite gender – of course, as most of us have figured out, it’s a pretty awful way of getting anything more than a one night stand. Since the earthquake, the variety and quality of nightlife have dipped a bit anyway, although in the last year or so some great new places have opened up along Victoria Street, St Asaph Street and the new Stranger’s Lane. If you’re young and single, a spot like Engineers & Merchants is usually a good option to meet a quality match.

All that being said though, if you’re after something serious bars are usually not your best bet. You might want to look into other options like the following…

Online Dating in Christchurch

There are plenty of active users in the Christchurch online dating scene, and a free app like Tinder can be a great place to start. While Internet dating used to be the domain of the desperate and dateless, it’s now fairly widely accepted and it’s not hard to meet attractive people online. If you’re not big on Tinder, other online options include Plenty of Fish, NZDating, and Elite Singles.

Speed Dating

Speed dating events are also becoming a lot more popular in Christchurch, although they still don’t run regularly enough for this to be a primary way of meeting other local singles. Mainland Dating is your best option for regular events, although an Aussie company called Tick Tock Dating also now runs a variety of Christchurch speed dating events on a regular basis. For more info check out our page on speed dating in Christchurch.

Christchurch Singles Personals

Of course, there are always the personals. There is Craigslist and other similar websites where people will advertise what they’re seeking – bear in mind though, these personals sites tend to be dominated by people looking for casual hookup type arrangements, so if you’re looking for something more serious you are likely to be disappointed by this option.

Date Ideas for Christchurch

Once you’ve actually got a date, what should you actually do? A lot of people tend to think Christchurch is boring, but it just takes some imagination. Here are some good date ideas for Christchurch:

  • go kayaking or punting on the Avon
  • go to Timeout (yes, even if you’re grown up it can still be fun)
  • walk around the Botanical Gardens
  • go for a walk along Sumner Beach
  • take a day trip out to Akaroa

There are plenty of great free things to do around Christchurch – just pretend you’re a tourist for a day!

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