Dating in Wellington

Wellington is a vibrant city with a great cultural scene and some amazing nightlife, but dating in Wellington is not always a straightforward affair. Whether you’re busy with studies or busy with work, there aren’t always enough hours in the day to get out and about and meet your perfect match. While there are some great bars and clubs around Cuba Street and elsewhere in town, there are often much more convenient ways to meet Wellington singles.

Online Dating in Wellington

Online dating is one of the obvious alternative choices. Many people worry that getting on an online dating site implies they’re admitting there’s something ‘wrong’ with them, but give it a try – it’s not the fringe of the dating scene like it was ten or fifteen years ago. For young daters, apps like Tinder provide a huge range of options – it seems like everybody’s on there now. If you’re 40+ then Tinder may not be the best option, but there are plenty of excellent dating sites like Plenty of Fish, Elite Singles, and NZDating which can help you meet the match of your dreams.

Speed Dating Events

If you’ve tried Internet dating and it didn’t work out for you, or you just want other ways to consistently meet singles, Wellington speed dating events are a great option.

Wellington Personals

Next in line is the personals pages – websites like Craigslist where people place personals ads describing what they’re ‘seeking.’ Be aware these types of listings are most commonly used by people looking for more casual hookups – if that’s what you’re after they can be ideal, but if what you’re looking for is a soulmate connection then you’re not likely to find it on one of these listings sites – better off to try a real dating site or a speed dating event.

Gay Dating

Wellington’s gay scene is alive and well – but not everyone can be bothered chasing potential partners around bars all weekend. If you’re gay or lesbian and looking for a connection without all the effort that goes into meeting someone ‘in real life,’ check out some of the online dating options we’ve covered on our gay dating and lesbian dating pages. You can also find gay speed dating events held fairly regularly in Wellies. We also highly recommend checking out

Date Ideas for Wellington

If you’re already seeing someone or planning a first date, what can you actually do around Wellington? Remember to set the mood right according to how well you know the person – fun dates should generally be fun and casual, whereas a third or fourth date can be a bit more deep and romantic. If you get too serious too early, it can mess things up. A few simple ideas for dates in Wellington:

  • a coffee at one of Wellington’s many amazing cafes. Excellent, low pressure first date option
  • if you haven’t been for a while – go check out what’s new at Te Papa
  • go for a wander in the Botanical Gardens

Remember, low pressure and free is best for a first date – you have much more chance of things developing naturally that way than if you put on a fancy dinner and ask like you’re going to get married before you even know each other’s last names!

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