A lot of people get rather nervous at the thought of a first date. There’s this sense that you need to get it right the first time. After all, many people put a lot of emphasis on making a good first impression. So if you can have a great first date, then that’s a good thing. What’s important though is that you shouldn’t let the stress of the first date mess up your planning, or ruin the experience. Keep in mind that it’s a first date, yes, but having a bad first date isn’t the end of the world. So plan it as well as you can, but keep things in perspective.

Ask Around!

You can take a look at some of the first date ideas that your friends have come up with, if you’re short on inspiration. They can tell you what they tried, and whether it turned out alright or not. In a way, it’s like using your friends as guinea pigs for date ideas. When it comes to thinking of the best first date ideas, one key factor is always going to be the personality of your date. It’s much harder to plan a date for someone that you don’t know at all. This will mean that you’re going to have to go with something more generic, something that most people would enjoy. This will make it more likely that your date will have a good time. But it’s also less personal, and less customized.

Be Thoughtful – Plan Around Your Date’s Interests

If you know that your date has a more fun personality, then you can plan the date around that. Since it’s the first date, you’re not really expected to come up with something crazy. If she likes to go running, offer to go on an early morning run with her, and then you can have a full breakfast afterwards. If she’s into theater, or if she likes to act, then catch a play or musical performance in your area. You can have dinner before that, or coffee after the play.

If she’s into cute things, then take that into consideration. You can keep her company or help her out, while she does her regular volunteer stint at a local animal shelter. You can do the whole picnic in the park thing, but again, keep things fairly simple since it’s a first date. Give yourself some room to grow for the second date, if you find that you enjoy each other’s company.

Don’t Be Shy with the Romance

If she’s a romantic, then make sure to have some of the basic gestures. Get her flowers. Open the door for her, if she’s into that. Find a nice place to have a meal, which has a nice atmosphere and some good music. It doesn’t have to be live music. Piped in music should be fine, as long as it fits in with the overall theme.

Just bear in mind – you don’t want to go too over the top with this if you don’t know each other well yet. If you’ve just met, you’re better to keep it more casual so that you don’t “come on too strong.”

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Keep in mind that the first date doesn’t have to be perfect. Things can go wrong. For example, the food might not taste all that great. Or you might end up getting clawed by a cat at her local animal shelter. The key thing though is how you both respond to it. Are you able to laugh about the bad food, so that it’s actually something that brings you a little closer? Or do you both end up complaining and not having a great time? If you’re a good match, then the bad food could be something that you’ll look back on fondly many years down the road. In fact, if you’re both a good match, then even a cheap dinner at a not-so-great place could still turn out to be something special. But if you’re a bad match, then even good food might not be able to make the date a particularly special one.

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