One of the most important human interactions, flirting is a behavior found in almost all societies and cultures around the world.

What is Flirting?

Flirting is an interaction between two people, where they suggest a sexual attraction to one another, through both verbal and non-verbal communication. While it may be universal, flirting can be tricky. Body language, empathy, intellect and creativity, are just some of the important elements of flirting.

Types of Flirting

While it’s likely existed in culture and society since the beginning of civilization, flirting has evolved greatly over the years. Now, thanks to the prevalence of technology in society, there are now many different types of flirting.

– Text Flirting

Flirting via text is very popular. If you’ve met someone who you are interested in, flirting over text can be a good idea. Text flirting at first is very casual. Using emoticons is a great way to display feelings and flirt. Unfortunately, with text flirting, body language is taken out of the equation. Body language is one of the most important parts of flirting, so text flirting, while a great starting point, isn’t ideal in the long run.

– Email Flirting and Online Flirting

Similar to text flirting, email flirting, or any flirting that’s done using an online messaging service, is also fairly popular. With this type of flirting, body language is also taken away, so it’s not great in the long run. Although through email, it may be easier to say things that you wouldn’t be confident enough to say in person.

– Face-to-Face Flirting

The most traditional and, arguably, the most effective method of flirting is face-to-face. When you are interacting with someone in person, you can use all elements of flirting, including one of the most important, body language.

Flirting Tips

– Eye Contact

One of the most important aspects of flirting is eye contact. Lingering looks with someone sends a strong signal that you are interested. It can also be a good idea to glance and someone and then smile when they see you looking.

– Keep Conversation Light

When you initiate conversation, make sure you keep it light. Talk about interests, and find common ground. If you are at a club or bar, talk about things that are happening around you. Most importantly, don’t talk about dreary and depressing subjects. Always avoid sensitive topics like religion and politics too.

– Smile

Another important aspect of flirting body language is smiling. Smile as you talk to your date. Combine a smile with a playful glance, and you’ll send a fairly strong signal that you are interested.

– Compliment

A compliment sends a big message that you are interested, so it’s an important part of flirting. Be careful with compliments though. Don’t come on too strong. A woman or a man doesn’t want to hear from someone they’ve just met that they’re the most amazing person on the planet. Keep compliments light, and avoid ones that are focused on appearance.

– Banter

Playful teasing, banter and jokes are important when flirting. Banter should be kept light-hearted.

– Touch

A light, quick touch of your potential dates arm, back or shoulder is a fantastic way to show that you are interested. Your potential date will likely touch you back, which will progress your flirting. Make sure to keep touches contained to non-sexual areas.

Learning how to flirt can be tough. It’s somewhat of an art from, which takes a while to perfect. The more you flirt, the better you’ll get at it.

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