Have you been going on date after date and you still haven’t found a boyfriend? If so, it can be really frustrating. Whether you just can’t seem to meet the right guy, or progress past the first few dates, getting a boyfriend can be hard. You can be left wondering, how do I get a boyfriend? There are some things you can do, however, to make getting a boyfriend much easier.

Tips on How to Get a Boyfriend

– Don’t be too Needy

Put simply, almost all men do not like women who are needy. Make sure that when you are first dating you don’t come across as being too needy or clingy. Of course, don’t be cold or stand-offish, but also don’t be calling him every hour to check in with him, after just a couple of dates, or you’re sure to scare him off.

– Visit the Right Places

If you’ve been meeting guys in clubs or bars in the past, and wondering why you never seem to get a boyfriend out of it, there is a reason. Men who go to clubs and bars are usually looking for something casual, like a one-night-stand. Try to meet guys through friends, on online dating sites, or other social venues other than bars or clubs.

– Don’t be Afraid to Make the First Move

Most women wait for men to approach them, but some guys aren’t that confident, and can be shy. That’s why women should be willing to approach men too. Making the first move can often be a good idea. Sometimes, women are too subtle and men can’t tell when they are interested, so they don’t ask them out.

– Make Him Smile

When talking with a guy, keep the conversation light and fun. A guy doesn’t want a woman who is depressing to talk to. So don’t moan about work, or your friend, and definitely don’t talk about your ex. If you bring a guy’s mood down, he definitely won’t be interested in being your boyfriend.

Instead, you want to come across as a casual, happy girl that a guy can have fun with. Guy’s like girls who are laid-back, that they have fun with. So don’t take yourself too seriously, make jokes and make him laugh.

– Act Laid-Back

If you’ve been single for a while, it can be easy to be over-eager to meet a guy. But no matter how much you want a boyfriend, you really need to have a casual, laid-back attitude around guys. If not, you will come across as being desperate, and guys really do not like that.

– Make sure you are Well Groomed

Unfortunately, looks to play a part in finding a boyfriend. While your personality and what you say are both important factors, looking good is also important. When talking with a guy you are interested in, make sure that you are well groomed, and well-presented. Brush you hair, apply perfume or deodorant, and put on a little makeup. Also, wear an outfit that flatters your figure.

Simple, yet effective, these tips will help you to get a boyfriend.

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