Attracting women can be difficult. One you have found places where you can meet women how do you actually attract women? This article has some handy tips so that you can date more women. Be sure to read our other articles on How to Meet Women and Where to Meet Women for even more great tips.


Women are generally attracted to men who look confident especially those who appear to be in control. This means that you should try to be comfortable and at ease in any environment or situation. A recent survey amongst women found that confidence was ranked as one of the most important traits in a man, so it pays to be confident. However, you should be careful not to come across as arrogant, as most women don’t appreciate this.


Again you should be careful not to go overboard on the charm and risk coming across as arrogant. A charming man is one who appears relaxed. They are funny, flirtatious, and a good entertainer. Once more, be careful as you also run the risk of being sleazy if you are too charming.

Good manners

One thing that is a turn off to women is a rude man. Most women are embarrassed of a man who does not know how to behave in public, so it pays to be on your best behaviour. Another thing to keep in mind is that ignorance is equally as off-putting, so be sure to have your best manners with you.

Give them attention

Women love attention from men. If you want to date a woman, you will need to show her attention. You must be careful not to over-do it though. It is a good idea to leave her with the feeling of wanting more from you. This way you can be sure that she will want to see you more than just once.

Present yourself well

Most women will try distance themselves a man who looks scruffy or dirty. The same goes for men that smell bad. However, smelling bad is almost better than bathing in cheap aftershave or using half a bottle of deodorant. We recommend using nice aftershave sparingly. You should also wear clothes appropriate for the setting – it is not appropriate to wear a suit to the gym and vice-versa.

Tell interesting stories

Most women respond well to conversation. They enjoy hearing funny anecdotes or cool short stories (e.g. adventures you or your mates have had etc). Try to avoid long monologues or giving too many details when telling stories. Instead of being ‘interesting conversation’ this can quickly become a ‘boring and agonising listening session’, so make sure you keep it concise.

Listen to her

Show a genuine interest in the things that she is saying to you. When women talk, they share a part of themselves, being that dreams, experiences, feelings etc. When they do that, they feel that they have a connection with you. Women normally detest men who don’t listen to them.

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