How to Meet Guys in New Zealand

If you’re a single girl and you’re wondering how to meet a good single guy in NZ, never fear – you’re in the right place. We understand that meeting the right guy can be tough, so we’ve compiled a few tips here to help you along the way, covering where to meet guys, how to approach them, and how to use online dating to turbocharge the number and quality of new guys coming into your life.

Where to Meet Guys

There are a lot of places to meet guys – some well known, some not so much.

For starters, there are obvious places like bars and clubs. Chances are, if you’re on this page it’s because you’ve done that to death and haven’t found what you’re looking for. But perhaps try out a different social scene and different bars with a different crowd and see if it changes your luck.

There are also less obvious places, like classes, or the gym. Signing up to a class or club for something you’re interested in can be an excellent way to meet a guy you already have stuff in common with. The gym can work, but it can be tough to get a conversation going – however if you go to a gym with group fitness classes it’s usually easier to strike up a convo in a more friendly, less awkward setting.

The simplest by far, however, is online dating, which is covered below.

How to Meet New People

So once you’re out and ready to meet a new fella, how do you actually do it? Do you approach, or wait to be approached?

There’s a myth that a girl approaching a guy is a sign she’s ‘too keen.’ This is complete nonsense. Most guys LOVE it when the girl makes the first move and strikes up a conversation because it takes a lot of the pressure off them. Remember, guys out there are all feeling like it’s their job to impress females – that can be pretty stressful!

When you strike up a chat, just be friendly and conversational. You can be either direct (“Hi, I’m Name, I just wanted to meet you”) or indirect (“How about this bar/lighting/music/whatever in the environment you want to comment on”) depending on how confident you’re feeling. Once the conversation opens, just try to find something you’re both interested in and away you go – you’ve met a new guy!

Dating Sites

Now, all that may sound way too complicated, or you might be really shy. No problem – that’s pretty much what online dating sites were invented for. Here are a few you might want to check out:

Find Someone


Elite Singles

Plenty of Fish

Tinder (mobile app)

How to Meet Someone Online

Meeting a guy online can be a heck of a lot easier because the pressure and fear of rejection is way less intense. Again, just start the conversation, either in a direct way (showing interest) or indirect (being casual – but remember, if you message a guy online of course he knows you’re at least a little interested. That’s part of the beauty of online dating, you can be a bit more honest off the bat and don’t have to play so many ‘is he into me isn’t he into me’ type games).

The main keys to successful online dating are an excellent profile with a flattering photo (sorry girls, but it will make a difference – might seem shallow but that’s just how it is), and catchy subject lines for your emails. Basically: get attention, be interesting, find common interests and take it from there.

Of course, if all else fails there’s Tinder – all you have to do is swipe right on guys you like, and the app will match you up with any of them who swipe right on you as well. Simple, easy, no stress!

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