When you approach a girl you like, do you feel like you have no idea what to say? Does your mind go blank, and you can’t think of anything to talk about? Do you have no idea about what to talk about with girls? If so, you are like many other men. Talking to women doesn’t have to be hard. You need need to know how to approach them, what to say and, of course, what not to say.

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How to Talk to Girls

– How to Talk to a Girl you Like

If you like a girl, talking to her can seem really nerve-wracking. If you’ve never spoken to this girl before, but you’ve just seen her around at work or a local café, then the first step is to simply make eye contact with her. Share a quick glance and a smile with her, and then make your approach.

When you first approach the girl that you like, make sure that she’s not busy with something else. You want to have her full attention. Avoid complimenting her on her appearance, as this can come across as being a little weird and creepy. Instead, make casual conversation with her. If you are going to pay her a compliment, make sure that it’s about something other than her appearance.

After the initial contact, pick up on some key words that she says. Maybe she’s going to a yoga class, or to work. If so, ask her about that. Keep the conversation natural and don’t try too hard. If the conversation with her goes well, then ask her for her phone number, or to meet up for coffee.

– How to Talk to Girls Online

The Internet is a fantastic place to meet women. It can also be a little less intimidating to meet women online, as you have more time to think about things you want to talk about. Also, the face-to-face interaction is taken away, which can also make things less intimidating.

To talk to a girl online, you need to send her a quick casual message. After reading her online dating profile, write a message that mentions her interests. Generic messages like “Hey, how are you?” will be ignored. Instead, read her profile and see what she likes. For example, if she says she loves the movie Titantic and the Avengers fim, then mention something about those movies in your first contact message. After that, keep the conversation going and make a real effort to get to know her.

– Talking to Girls at Parties

Talking to a girl you like at a party can be really intimidating, but by doing just a few simple things, you can make the whole process much easier. Firstly, choose the right time to approach. Don’t approach her when she’s surrounded by other people and engaging in conversation.

When you do approach her, don’t use a pickup line, or compliment her on her appearance. Pick up lines are too cheesy, and compliments about her appearance from a complete stranger will likely make her uncomfortable. Instead, open with a light topic. You could ask her how she knows the host, or even make a light-hearted joke about the party.

Then, get to know her more by asking her some questions about her hobbies and interests. Don’t ask simple yes or no answer questions. As you talk, make sure you make eye contact with her and smile. This is a great way to subtly flirt with her. If she seems friendly, and is smiling back at you or making a lot of eye contact, then take the flirting a step further. Break the touch barrier by quickly touching her arm or shoulder, or by leaning in to tell her something.

– What to Talk About with Girls

Whether it’s face to face or at a party, there are certain topics you should talk about with women, and some you should always avoid.

Conversation Dos: Career, hobbies and interests are always safe topics to talk about. Also, learning more about what she likes will help the conversation to flow better, and increase your chances of getting a date with her.

Conversation Don’ts: Sex, religion, exes, and any negative topics of conversation should always be avoided.

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