So – you want to explore the world of adult dating in NZ? Let’s face it – sometimes, you just want to hook up. But you don’t want to spend hours trawling through a bar trying to pick up guys/girls who are ultimately not that interested/playing you for a few drinks/just waiting around to see their friend who’s in the band that’s playing later tonight, not straightaway, but maybe fourth or fifth or sixth, they can’t quite remember. You want to find yourself some like-minded people who are also looking to just hook up.

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adult dating nz

You’re looking for a quick way to connect to other singles in NZ. Luckily, the magic of the internet has led us to the zenith of dating in NZ – you can hunt down people looking for the same thing as you, without the hunting part! We’ve compiled a list of the best websites to head to in you’re looking to hook up in New Zealand.

  1. NZ Adult Fun

Well, the name is pretty much as self-explanatory as they come. Basically, this site allows you to confidentially browse and contact a variety of profiles with a view to hooking up. One of the most straightforward ways to get into adult dating in NZ, you can send messages, chat on message boards, and take advantage of the free dating advice on the site.

Once you’ve carefully perused their advice on how to get together safely if that’s what you plan to do, you can even share webcams with the object of your affection. The site caters for a variety of sexualities, and best of all it’s completely free. You can invest in a Gold membership if you like, but you still get to chat with other members if you just want a no-strings-attached experience, in every possible sense.

  1. Flirtfair

Flirtfair makes it’s business catering for all sides of the dating world, from soulmates to-you guessed it – New Zealand hook-ups. This is probably the best site to go for if you don’t feel like going out, but instead fancy some dirty chat without leaving the house. The site offers one-on-one anonymous chat with other people who want to exchange some fantasies over the internet.

Of course, you can actually link up with singles if you want – there are thousands of singles all over the country. There are specific sections in the website for singles who are just looking for sex and nothing more, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally winding up on a dinner date with someone who’s looking for marriage, while you’re just interested in the fun part.

  1. No Strings Dating

Particularly big amongst the university students in New Zealand, this site is about as straightforward as they come. No Strings Dating just exists to bring simple x-rated dating to NZ, allowing singles to connect and message each other with one thing in mind. They’re big on safety and sexual health, treating both genders with respect, and being clear about what you want – basically, don’t be an idiot, be nice, and get to the point.

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