Finding love can be tough, but online dating websites can make things easier. On the Internet, there are hundreds of dating websites that you can join to meet people for casual dates, and even a long-term relationship.

Australian Dating Sites

– eHarmony

eHarmony is one of the most well-known dating websites in the world. eHarmony’s Australian site is the ideal place to meet people and there’s an excellent track record of paid members finding love and even getting married to someone they met on the site. The site aims to match people who are compatible with one another, so it’s the perfect place to meet someone for a more serious relationship.

Free Dating Australia

Free Dating Australia is one of the best free Australian dating sites. The site is 100% free, and it offers a number of useful features, which make your online dating experience easier, and better overall. The site screens all of its members for fraud too, which makes the whole experience of online dating safer. is part of the network. Cupid is an online dating specialist, with over thirty websites on its network. is aimed at bringing Australian singles together for dating and for serious relationships. The site, which you can join for free, has thousands of members, so it is a fantastic place to meet people.

Mega Hearts

Mega Hearts is dating website that is aimed at people looking to find love and serious relationships. The website is one of the safest online, as it has a stringent sign up process for its members. All members on the site are Australian. This website is ideal if you are looking for something serious, rather than a casual fling.

Tips for Successful Online Dating

Online dating can be tricky, especially if you have never tried it before. However, by doing three simple things, you can increase your chances of success.

– Make your Profile Interesting

Generic dating profiles get skipped over. Dating websites are full of profiles that say things like “I love walking along the beach” “I’m a really fun person”. These statements are incredibly overused, and they have no value. What does the phrase “I’m a really fun person” actually tell the reader? It tells them very little. Instead, avoid generic phrases, and state specific things about yourself. For example, instead of telling the reader that you are fun, tell them what makes you fun.

– Always Include a Photo

Always add a photo to your online dating profile. While it may be tempting to leave it off, members will simply skip over your profile if they don’t see a photograph of you. When you leave your photo out, you come across as suspicious. Also, avoid using a grainy or unclear photo of yourself, and definitely don’t use a photo of you from years ago.

– Create a Great First Message

If you see a person on an online dating site that you are interested in, the next step is to make contact with them. The first message is very important. If it’s too generic or boring, it will most likely be ignored. To create a good first message, start by reading the person’s dating profile. See what they like, and then send them a casual message, which mentions something that you read in their profile.

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