What is a dating coach?

Dating and relationship coaches perform a similar function to other coaches e.g. sports coaches. They are trained to listen and observe, and then create the best course of action depending on your specific wants and needs. They can help you map out clear-cut objectives and create a plan of attack. They encourage you to set goals and priorities and then take action using skills and strategies that they teach. Coaches also support you and encourage self-awareness.

Relationship coaches offer third party, educated and experienced views on what you are going through as you navigate the often-treacherous world of dating and relationships. Talking to friends and family is helpful but their view of the situation is skewed because they care about and know you. A relationship coach’s value is the unbiased relationship between you and your coach that will maximize the full potential of your love life – they aren’t afraid to tell it how it is.

Why do people use them?

A relationship coach has tools at his or her disposal to help both singles and couples have successful relationships. By promoting open communication, coaches can help you get the relationship you want. A coach can help make a good relationship better and possibly save one headed for disaster.

Coaches who specialize in dating and relationship help clients demystify what it means to find, nurture and sustain a healthy relationship. Some specialize in areas like dating etiquette or dating intelligence and many offer pointers to help manage the online dating market. In general, they all help strengthen and create dating and relationship skills.

What can a dating or life coach help me with?

Coaching is designed to help you understand what is going on in your love life and change what is not working. This will not “fix” your partner or any other person, but will help you address behaviours that are not working. Your coach will offer guidance and feedback to enhance your chances at success in intimate relationships.

As a supportive person in your life, your coach will promote personal growth with an emphasis on setting specific goals and achieving those goals for the desired outcome. During your sessions, you will learn to take action. You will focus on accountability and how to achieve positive results to get the love you want. Finally, your coach can help you see past issues with more clarity and help you break though relationship barriers that have stagnated your love life.

What should I expect?

During the first session, you will share with your coach your specific objectives you hope to accomplish, and decide if you and the coach are a good fit. This process may involve sharing your dating/relationship history and exploring areas of your life that are not working. You will be observed and critiqued in a variety of settings, and will receive constructive feedback on your progress. This may mean you have a higher chance of being successful with dating.

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