Millionaire Dating – How to Date Rich Men

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So, you’re interested in dating a millionaire? Want to find yourself a sugar daddy, or just date rich men? This is the article you’ve been looking for – all is about to be revealed for how to meet and date rich guys.

Places to Meet Rich Men

Before we get to the most popular (and easiest) way to meet millionaire men – online dating – let’s talk for a second about finding rich men in the real world.

Obviously, if you want to meet and snag a millionaire, you’re going to have to hang out where they do. That means the highest class, most exclusive bars and clubs in your city. If you want to hang out there, you’re going to need to look the part, so you might have to invest in your wardrobe a little bit and make sure you doll yourself up to the nines.

Of course, if you’re flat broke that might not be an option! In which case, let’s jump straight into millionaire dating online.

Elite Dating Websites

Sugar daddy sites and elite dating sites are becoming more popular by the day, and NZ is no exception in this respect.

There is one site, Elite Singles, which is becoming particularly popular in New Zealand and brands itself as an elite dating site, although bear in mind not all of the guys on here are likely to be rich.

If you really want to meet millionaires, I highly recommend signing up for SugarDaddyNZ – the site has not launched yet but when it goes live it will be the only NZ-based service for matching women with sugar daddies in NZ.

How Sugar Daddy Dating Works

Sugar daddy sites can make dating rich men simple because the guys on here already know you’re expecting financial help from them, so there’s no need for any sneaky games – you can be straight up that a big part of what attracts you to them is their money, and they’ll be fine with it. Usually (but not always) this type of dating involves some sort of monthly allowance given by the sugar daddy to his girl, but there are plenty of guys who just want to buy dinner and drinks or shout a holiday for a fun and attractive girl.

What You Should Know Before You Date Rich Men

Here’s one thing to keep in mind: most rich guys aren’t stupid. If you’re dating them primarily for their money, chances are they know that, whether it’s voiced in the open or not. If you’re dating guys for their money, be realistic about it and don’t expect a level of commitment from them that you yourself aren’t willing to give. If you’re entering into an arrangement based mainly on financial benefits, accept that the guy is likely going to see it as very much no strings attached, even if he says otherwise.

The best advice is to keep your wits about you, and lay out the boundaries very clearly at the beginning. That includes whether or not the situation will be ‘no strings attached’ or not and whether it will be exclusive. This is especially important if you’re meeting a guy from a site like SugarDaddyMeet, where many men will automatically assume you’re okay with no strings attached and non-exclusive relationships – if you’re not, you better let them know!

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