With thousands of people around the world now looking for love online, the Internet is now a fantastic way to meet people. Online, there are hundreds of dating websites you can join to meet a potential match. The best way to succeed in online dating, and meet someone you really like, is to create a good online dating profile.

Importance of a Good Dating Profile

On a dating website, your dating profile is incredibly important, as it’s the first impression that people will have of you. That’s why the best online dating profiles are the ones that are unique and make an impression. On an internet dating website, there are literally hundreds of profiles for members to look through. So, when a person on a dating website looks through profiles of other users, they will simply skip past profiles that don’t stand out.

How to Write an Online Dating Profile

Below are some online dating profile tips and online dating profile examples that will help you to create a profile that really stands out.

– Choose the Right Username

Your username may be only a small part of your dating profile, but it’s still important. Make sure your username reflects your personality, and isn’t too generic.

– Create an Eye-Catching Headline

Your headline is the short sentence that introduces you to the site’s members. Your headline is your chance to attract the attention of other members. A good headline will make other members stop and view the rest of your profile. Make sure your headline is original and that it will attract like-minded members.

For example, you could centre your headline around your interests. If there’s a book you like, you could use a quote from it. On the other hand, your headline could be a lighthearted comment about what you are looking for, or a fun comment about your own personality. Don’t use a generic headline like “looking to find the love of my life”.

– Don’t Lie

It can be tempting to lie on your dating profile, but it’s not a good idea, especially if you are looking for a long-term relationship. Keep your online dating profile honest and true to yourself.

– Stay Away from Platitudes

When writing your profile, avoid using platitudes and generic phrases like, “I’m a fun person”, or “I love the outdoors”. These types of phrases are overused, so people will skip over profiles that contain them. Also, generic phrases don’t really tell the reader anything about who you really are. For example, “I’m a fun person” doesn’t tell the reader anything. Don’t just state that you are fun. Instead, show the reader why you are fun. On the same note, don’t just say you like the outdoors, but say what you like about the outdoors.

– Keep it Positive

Your online dating profile should be fun, happy and laid back. Positive dating profiles get much more attention than negative ones do. So, don’t use your dating profile to moan about being single, or your ex, or your job, or anything else that’s negative.

– Be Careful with Humour

Humour doesn’t always translate well online, and you can end up offending other users. So, while it’s important to keep your profile fun and light, you need to avoid using jokes that could be deemed inappropriate.

– Keep it Short and Sweet

Don’t turn your online dating profile into an essay. People don’t have the time to read through a huge dating profile, so they’ll simply skip over it. Keep your dating profile short. A few short paragraphs or your “about me” section is enough.

– Choose a Clear and Appropriate Photo

One of the most important aspects of a good online dating profile is your profile photo. If you don’t include a photo, people will think that your profile is suspicious, and they will skip past it. Include a clear photo of yourself. Grainy photos look like you have something to hide, so make the photo high quality. Also avoid using suggestive photos and photos where you are drinking with your friends.

By taking the time to create your dating profile, you are much more likely to have a successful online dating experience.

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