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If you are a younger woman looking to date an older, successful man, or you are the latter and want to date a young, attractive woman, then the Internet is the perfect place to do so. Online, there are websites that focus on sugar daddy dating.

What is Sugar Daddy Dating?

It refers to a type of dating that involves a young, normally attractive, woman dating an older, usually rich, man. Many people wonder what is a sugar daddy? Essentially, it is a rich, older man who dates a younger woman, who is a known as a sugar baby. In return for her company, he provides the woman with gifts or money.

What are the Benefits?

It offers a number of benefits, to both parties.

– Benefits for Sugar Daddies

For sugar daddies, these dating sites can be very beneficial. Often, older, wealthy men, would like to date someone young and attractive, but they don’t know where to meet this type of woman. Sugar dating websites can help with this. Also, with these dating websites, relationships can be more upfront and honest. Finally, wealthy and powerful men often don’t have enough time to search for a younger woman, so online dating websites can be incredibly beneficial.

– Benefits for Sugar Babies

For sugar babies, this type of dating has a number of benefits. Firstly, these sites give younger women access to powerful men, which they would not maybe have had access to otherwise. Many women would like to date a powerful man, but simply don’t know where to meet them, or how to initiate a relationship with them. Secondly, a sugar daddy can provide a younger woman with more security, and ease her financial worries. Finally, many women would like to date older, more powerful men, as they tend to be more confident and play fewer games than younger men. Sugar dating websites give women the opportunity to meet these kinds of men.

Best Sites for Sugar Arrangements

There are many websites where older men and younger women can meet each other and form arrangements.

SugarDaddyNZ.co.nz – launching soon, this will be the only true NZ-only sugar dating website.

– Sugardaddie.com – Sugardaddie.com is a dating website that aims to bring together, wealthy older men, and attractive younger women. The website has over ten years’ worth of experience in this type of dating, and includes a wealth of advice for daddies and babies in order to get what they’re looking for out of the scene. This is our number one recommendation and our surveys have shown this site is the most successful for Kiwis looking to set up such an arrangement.

SugarDaddyMeet – another excellent option that has plenty of New Zealand members and lots of good quality potential partners.

SeekingArrangement: One of the most well-known dating websites in the sugar daddy online dating industry, SeekingArrangement is the perfect place to meet a sugar daddy or a sugar baby. The site screens members, so is a fairly safe platform for this type of dating.

MySugar: MySugar is a dating website aimed at people looking for a sugar baby or a sugar daddy in NZ. It’s free to post a profile on the site and to contact other members. If you are looking for a sugar daddy to meet or a young woman to keep you company, then this is a great platform to do so.


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