If you’re here looking for break up advice, chances are you’re going through an emotional rollercoaster right now. It’s hard to understand how things could have gotten so messed up between you and someone you were once so happy with. Below we’re going to go through some ways of potentially repairing broken relationships, and, even more importantly, how to tell the difference between a fixable relationship and once you have no choice but to move on from and get over.

Couples Counselling

Relationship therapy or counselling can be a great way to clear up common relationship problems. It allows you and your partner to clear the air, say things you’ve been feeling but haven’t had the chance to say, and work through everything with a professional.

The problem is, of course, that you and your partner have to be willing to put some effort in. If either person doesn’t have their heart in it, counselling won’t take you far. It can also be very expensive and not everyone has money to spend on counselling.

If you don’t want to spend too much but you’re looking for some in depth, proven ways to fix a relationship, we recommend checking out Save the Marriage System.

Marriage Break Up Advice

Marriage breakups can be particularly tough, because you’ve made the ultimate commitment and for whatever reason, that has fallen apart over time. When a marriage breaks up, it’s important to think long and hard about the reasons for it, whose fault it really was, and whether saving it is possible or even really desirable. It can be tough to start over, especially if you’re older, but sometimes getting back out there and starting fresh is for the best.

Working Through Marriage Problems

If you’ve decided to try to work on your marriage problems, again counselling can be an excellent place to start and going through Save the Marriage System can be a big help.

How to Fix a Relationship

If you’ve decided your relationship is worth trying to save, and your partner is willing to try (if he or she isn’t, there’s not much you can do – you’re going to have to just give it time and work on getting over it) – the key to success is communication. You’re going to have to go really deep and talk through everything that caused the problems in the first place.

Often relationships break down because couples don’t talk about little things, and then those little things snowball into big things, and next thing you know something drastic happens and it all comes apart. You have to go right back to the roots and figure out where the problems started, and ensure communication channels stay open at all times as you work through things. There needs to be 100% total open honest between both of you for this to work.

Getting Over a Breakup

Sometimes, unfortunately, relationships reach a point of no return where they just can’t be saved, or you realise that carrying on is only going to cause you and/or your partner even more pain in the long run, so it’s better to let it go.

First of all, a couple of DON’Ts. Don’t go out, get hammered, and hook up with the first random person you meet. The temptation to do this can be huge, but it’s a mistake. For starters, you may regret it if you ultimately want to get back with your partner, but also it just won’t help. You might feel better for a day or two, but then you’ll feel worse about the whole situation. Take your time, feel what you’re feeling, and don’t try to drown it out with drinking or casual sex.

Some things you should do: reconnect with friends and family. When you’re in an intense relationship, it’s easy to lose touch with important people. Pick up old hobbies and interests you may have had before the relationship. Maybe join a class around one of these, so you can meet new people and stay busy. Don’t expect things to not hurt – it will hurt, and if it was a long relationship it might hurt for a long time. Good friends are the best possible thing you can have in your life at this stage, so find someone who understands that can be your rock for a while.

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