You’ve been separated from your ex for a while now, and maybe you’ve even tried dating new people, but you still can’t stop thinking about your ex. You think that breaking up with each other was a huge mistake, and you really want to get back together.

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This is a situation many people find themselves in. You and your ex broke up, but now you want another chance to make the relationship work. There’s no guarantee that you will get your ex back, but there are things that you can do to get your ex back.

How to Get your Ex Back

Step One: Give Each Other Space

When you are thinking about how to get your ex-girlfriend back, or how to get your ex-boyfriend back, the first thing that comes to mind is calling them, or talking to them again. However, if your breakup is fresh, it’s best to give each other space. This may seem counter-productive, but you’ll get your ex back quicker if you wait a while to talk to them.

It will also show your ex that you are getting on with your life. If you start calling them often, or even showing up at their home, you risk looking needy and desperate, so give each other some space. After a break up, emotions are high, so you’ll both need some time to calm down, and get some perspective on your relationship.

Step Two: Consider Why You Broke Up

All relationships have a reason for ending. In the no contact phase, consider why your relationship ended. Did you break up with your ex? If so, then why? What were your reasons for ending the relationship? If there were issues then those issues will need to be resolved if you get back together. On the other hand, your ex may have broken up with you. Consider the things that went wrong in your relationship, and how you could prevent these issues from occurring if you got back together.

Step Three: Make Casual Contact

After giving your ex some space for a couple of weeks, it’s time to make contact. If you are wondering how to get your ex back fast, then you need to consider that you are more likely to get your ex back if you take things slowly. On the first contact, it can be best to send something simple, like a text message.

A text message gives you complete control and it’s casual. Send a casual text to your ex. It shouldn’t be too serious, and never put things like “I think we should get back together” or “We need to talk” on your first contact message. Just keep it light and casual.

Step Four: Remind Your Ex of the Good Times

If in response to your first contact message, your ex texts back a fairly negative text, or a more neutral text, then you may need to give them more space before reconnecting. After the first contact, if you get a positive message back, then stay in contact.

Keep texting, and mention things that will remind your ex of the good times you had together. For example, you could say “I just had a really nice dinner at this new Italian restaurant, and I thought of you. I know how much you love pasta! :)”.

Step Five: Meet up with Each Other

After you’ve been talking again for a week or so, ask your ex if they want to meet up. Again, keep it casual. When you meet up, reminisce about the good times that you had together. Don’t put pressure on your ex to get back together on your first face to face meet up. Instead, focus on having a good time.

If the first meeting goes well, then schedule another one. This time, keep it casual and fun, but own up to anything you may have done wrong in the relationship. Keep contact with each other, and keep meeting up. This will give you and your ex the chance to fall in love with each other again. Then, you can discuss getting back together officially.

If you want to get your ex back, it’s going to take time and effort. Relationships can be complicated, so you need to take the time to rebuild your bond with your ex.

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