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Whether you are attracted to the maturity and experience of older men, or just want to shake up your dating life, dating older men can be a great experience. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to date an older man, it’s best to know where you can find this type of dating, and a few tips and tricks to make your overall experience better.

Where to Find Websites & Events for Women Looking to Date Older Men

If you are looking to date older men, you can find more mature men at many social places, like clubs, bars and restaurants. However, the Internet is often a better place to find older men dating younger women. There are a plethora of online dating websites aimed at younger women dating older men. Speed dating is also another good option for finding older men.

Websites and Events for Women Looking to Date Older Men

The two best places to meet older men are at speed dating events and online dating websites. List below are three of the best sites and events for meeting older men.

Ageless Hookup

Ageless Hookup is an online dating website that is aimed at younger women who want to date older men. The website is ideal if you are looking for an older man to date, as they have a large member base. A great aspect of the site is that you can place a profile on there for free.

Fast Impressions

A speed dating company that hosts events all over New Zealand, in places like Auckland and Wellington, Fast Impressions is great for age gap dating. The company hosts a number of events aimed at younger women looking to date older men.

Ageless Date

If you are looking for a quality site to find older men, then Ageless Date is the site for you. On Ageless date, you can find a plethora of older men who are looking to date younger women. You can join the site for free too, which is always a bonus.

Tips for Dating Older Men

– Accept the Age Difference

When you are in a relationship where there’s an age gap, you and your partner will have grown up in different time periods, each with its own TV shows, films and cultural references. Don’t feel awkward when your date brings up things that aren’t from your era. Take an interest, and accept the age difference.

– Have your Own Opinions and Be Yourself

It’s important to be yourself on a date. Trying to be something that you are not will be detrimental to your relationship in the long-run. Also, just because someone’s older, it doesn’t necessarily make them any wiser, or their opinions any more valid than yours. So make sure that you always stand by your opinions, and give your own views on the topic of conversation.

– Avoid Joking About His Age

While some men may take jokes about their gray hair well, other men can be sensitive. When you are first dating an older man you want to avoid remarks about his age, even if they are jokes.

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