Have you been thinking about dating older women? Maybe you like women who are more mature or more experienced, or maybe you just want to try something new. Whatever your reasons are for dating older women, it’s good to know the basics about younger men dating older women.

Where can you Find this Type of Dating?

You can meet older women at social venues and events, from bars to cafes. The Internet is also an excellent place to find older women dating younger men. Online, there are many dating sites that feature women looking to date younger men, which are sometimes called “cougar dating” sites. Speed dating companies also offer events aimed at women looking to date younger men, so this can be a good option too.

Best Websites and Events for Men Looking to Date Older Women

Online dating and speed dating are two of the best ways for you to meet older women. Below are some of the best dating sites, and speed dating services for young men who are looking to date older women.


Agemeet.com is a website that is specifically targeted at people looking for relationships with an age gap. If you are looking to find an older woman to date, this website is ideal. A great aspect of Agemeet.com is that it allows you to post a profile on the site for free.

Fast Impressions

Fast Impressions is a speed dating company that runs events in many countries, including New Zealand. The company, which hosts events in Wellington, Auckland and many other areas in New Zealand, offers speed dating events. Many of these events are aimed primarily at younger men looking to date older women, such as the Toyboy Speed Dating event.


Cougared.com is one of the best websites online for men in New Zealand who are looking to date older women. The website has a great selection of members to choose from, and its simple platform is easy to use. One of the best aspects of the site, however, is that it’s completely free.

Tips for Dating Older Women

– Be Conversational

This is essential for all dating situations, but it’s particularly important when you are dating older women. Mature women like to talk, and enjoy intellectual conversation, generally speaking. Make sure you ask her questions about herself, and really engage in conversation.

– Confidence is Important

Being confident is important when dating older women. You need to make sure that you act confident around your date. This will impress her, and put her at ease. If you are acting nervous or anxious your date will pick up on it.

– Be Yourself

Don’t pretend to be something you are not. Always be yourself and don’t make up things about your life to make yourself seem more interesting. Be honest, but of course don’t overshare. Keep the topics of politics and exes off the table. Make sure that you are genuine or your date will likely see you as being fake.

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