There is a huge range of online dating websites online, from premium sites with extensive profiling and matching tools, through to those designed predominately for casual encounters.

Most dating sites however, like Elite Singles, share a number of underlying features. Most sites will offer a free trial membership with limited functionality. Depending on which website it is, free members may not be able to send messages, contact certain members, or search with certain filters. This will mean that you will have to pay to enable these features.

Full membership costs a certain amount per month, and more importantly allows you to harness all the tools on the site. This means that you can initiate messages on the site.

Once you have messaged someone, it is up to you how you want to proceed. After a while if you think that you are right for one another, you can organise a physical date and get to know them more. Many sites also run group events. These are organised so that single people can meet other single people. These events are held at non-threatening environments, so this is a great way to find that someone special.

Things to look out for

No matter what dating site you choose, there are some things you should look out for. First of all you should check the sites privacy policy. This will mean that your information is secure and confidential, and will not be disclosed to third parties.

Some unscrupulous websites sell information to other companies in order to target you for marketing, and this can mean that your privacy is invaded. This goes alongside the sites terms and conditions. These are legal contracts that people must agree to before joining up on the site. You should check this to make sure that you are not in breach of any terms and conditions and so that you know exactly what you are signing up for.

Another important consideration is customer service and support. Local sites generally offer a higher level of customer service and support, and this could be important if there is something that you feel uncomfortable with.

Some sites also have a code of ethics, which can help set the behavioural norms that are expected of members. You should review the code of ethics and make sure that you are comfortable with them before taking out a trial membership. Online dating can be a fantastic tool but you still need to be careful on the internet.

Read our reviews!

Because of all this this it can be extremely hard to know what site to use. Luckily, we have troweled through numerous NZ dating sites and provided reviews for them.

This means that you can find the site that is right for you.

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Make sure you check these out before deciding what site to invest your time and money in!


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