[NOTE: There is a new website launching soon specifically for Asian dating in NZ.]

Date in Asia is a popular Asian dating site that is 100% free. The demographic on the site is mostly South East Asian, and Date in Asia high amount of members from the Philippines in particular. There are more than a million registered members, so there’s a good chance of getting a date on the site.

What are the pros?

The biggest drawcard of Date in Asia is that is completely free. By using this service, you can save hundreds of dollars on subscription fees to dating sites. You won’t be asked for your credit card number just to access a certain feature and you’re not charged to get your profile included in some special site header that improves visibility.

Another drawcard is the functions the site provides for free. A search facility feature helps you locate more specific options in less than a minute. You will simply have to input their gender, age range, country and city, and availability of photos. After pressing the search button, potential partners will be displayed. The site interface is quite nice and easy-to-use even for newbies.

The sites interface also features a list that lets users know who is interested to mingle with you. The list can also be used to add your favourites and contact numbers. The list also displays members who were recently online and if there are any members who annoy you, you can even use the list to block them temporarily or permanently.

Finally, because the site is free, there is a huge amount of users active on the site. The site states that there are more than a million registered users, which makes finding that special someone that much easier.

Are there any risks or drawbacks?

Unfortunately, there are a few potential risks with regard to the sort of attention you might get from a free dating site. As well as adverts, you may experiences scams and fake profiles. Whilst these can be prolific on any site such as this, we have read several reports of scamming and bad practice on here. It’s something to be aware of, but not necessarily the overriding factor when deciding which site to go for. Be sensible with your personal information and you ought to be okay.

The FAQ page covers the procedure for reporting members for bad behaviour, using a reporting member red “stop button”.  Guidelines state that if a member has several complaints made against them, they will be banned.

It goes on to clarify that whilst allegations are taken very seriously, their system will detect false reports motivated by “revenge and jealousy” and they do not enter into disputes between members. They are not responsible for members being conned by financial scams, and they ban all members who send money to other members, because they believe this encourages scams.

However, the site is completely free, so by signing up and being vigilant while using the site, you have nothing to lose. Tips for keeping safe can be found on another section of our site.

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