eHarmony is a popular international matchmaking site, which is mainly aimed at heterosexuals looking for long term relationships. This site is mainly marketed overseas, and as a result there is not that many people from New Zealand using it. The thing that makes this site different from most is there unique scientific way of matching people together.

How does it work?

With this site you can’t just register for the service, upload your photo and browse the other members for a match (unlike most other dating sites). Instead, the company does all of the matching for you. A compatibility system they’ve created is used, which is based on numerous scientific studies about love, relationships and compatibility.

Because of this the initial sign up process takes a long time and there are more than 400 questions. Although this is a lengthy process, there is greater chance of finding someone you will be compatible.

All users receive a personality printout, regardless if they pay or not. Not only does this tell you what you have to offer a relationship, they also tell you the kind of person you’d be the most compatible with. Because of this we recommend completing the questionnaire regardless of whether you intend to use this site or not.

What is unique about this website?

What makes eHarmony different from most other dating sites is their unique matching system. Because of this you cannot search profiles, and until recently no way to even see a potential match’s photo before making contact. This means that there is less time spent going through profiles; you do not have to do anything after filling in the initial questionnaire.

Are there any drawbacks?

Some users have complained that they have zero matches initially, which can mean a slow start to online dating with this site. This is especially true for New Zealand users, as the site is not as popular in New Zealand. Also, there are relatively high costs for using the site (see below for membership costs).

eHarmony is largely a Christian dating site, and although it doesn’t advertise this fact anymore, they still have a couple of throwbacks to the system including the fact that some people just aren’t welcome, and therefore those profiles are denied. eHarmony reviews profiles regularly and deletes profiles that breach their terms and conditions.

How much does eHarmony cost?

Membership fees here are the highest of all the major dating sites. One month costs $59.95 USD, with the prices lowering dramatically at the 3, 6 and 12 month mark on a monthly basis. The least expensive plan requires a yearlong sign up at a cost of $251.40 USD, or $20.95 USD a month (payable in one lump sum).

For New Zealand users this is converted to NZD at the time of payment. However, we recommend you sign up and then wait a while. This way you’ll eventually get an email with a discount eHarmony coupon or promotional code. Another thing to keep an eye out for is the eHarmony free weekend, which basically works as a free trial for the weekend. 

For an alternative to eHarmony which is a bit less expensive while still offering a high quality membership, we recommend Elite Singles.

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