Speed dating in Auckland is a great way to meet many people in a short space of time. Rather than spending all evening with one person, you get to test your compatibility with many different dates.

Tips to make a Good Impression on a Speed Date

With speed dating, you talk to each date for just minutes. You don’t have hours to get to know your date, like you normally would. This means that you have just minutes to make the right impression.

If you want your experience to be successful, then you need to make sure you make a good impression.

1. Smile

Looking happy and, most importantly, interested is incredibly important. You need to greet each and every date with a friendly smile. It will put your date and ease, and it gives them a big signal that you are really interested.

2. Look the Part

Looks aren’t everything, but speed dating is all about first impressions. Make sure that you are wearing an appropriate, clean outfit, that you are well-groomed, and that you’ve showered prior to your date. Also, breath mints can be a great ally and give you a little confidence boost too.

3. Keep Conversation Light

Speed dates aren’t the place for talking about your frustrations, exes or anything else that’s inappropriate for a first date. Topics of conversation should be kept light. You want your date to leave feeling happy. Ask your date about their interests and get to know them a little. Discuss fun and interesting topics and your conversation will flow much more easily.

4. Don’t Talk about yourself too Much

No one wants to hear you talk non-stop about yourself for five minutes. While you do want to let your date know a little about you, you want to focus more on your date. If you take an interest in your date, and make an effort to find out more about them, your date will see that you care. Your date will see that you have made a real effort to find out more about them.

Auckland Speed Dating Companies

There are many dating companies that offer many events around Auckland.

Fast Impressions

Fast Impressions is one such company. It offers events in places all over New Zealand, including Auckland. The company provides singles with sleek and sophisticated speed dating events, in many centrally located venues around New Zealand.

Speed Date

Speed Date is a company that hosts speed dating events in Auckland. The company offers events aimed at people of different ages and backgrounds. There are events tailored to students, parents and Christians offered by Speed Date.(If you’re Christian, we also highly recommend ChristianCafe.com.

Tick Tock Dating

Offering gay and lesbian speed dating, and events for fitness enthusiasts, over forties, high achievers and more, Tick Tock dating is a fairly diverse dating company.

Speed dating in Auckland is the perfect way to meet people, especially if you are a busy person. At a speed dating event, you’ll be able to determine a potential match for yourself, in one evening.

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