Blind dating was once abhorred by singles. Meeting up with someone you’ve never even seen, let alone met seemed like a recipe for disaster. But with the evolution of technology, and the advent of the Internet, blind dating is now a fantastic way to meet people.

Speed dating events, social media, and dating websites are opening up a wealth of new dating opportunities for singles, and they’re making blind dates a much more viable dating option.

Blind dates come in many different forms. There’s the traditional blind date where a friend or family member sets you up with someone they know. Then there’s speed dating. At a speed dating event you get to chat with many singles that you have never met before.

If all goes well, you can get contact details of the dates you liked. Then, there’s online dating. While online dating isn’t technically a “blind date”, as you have seen the person’s photo online, you have never met them before, so it does have some of the same elements.

Tips for a Successful Blind Date

– Prepare Yourself

Do not show up to your date looking scruffy and unkempt. On a blind date, your appearance will be the first impression that you make on your date, so make it a good one. If you show up with a creased outfit and scruffy hair, your date will think that you don’t care enough to make an effort on your first date. If you can’t make an effort on the first date, what will you be like on future dates?

– Don’t Have Specific Expectations

When you go on a blind date, you have no idea what your date is going to look like. Try not to go into the experience with any specific expectations. Yes, you may like tall, black haired men, or slim blond women, but your date may not fit either of those molds. Instead, have an open mind when you go into a blind date. You never know, your date may surprise you.

– Choose the Right Activity

On a blind date, it’s important that you choose the right activity. When blind dating, a movie can be a good idea, followed by dinner together. You will be able to discuss the movie at dinner. Going to see a film on its own, however is not a good idea, as you can’t really talk during a movie. Other great date ideas are mini-golf or bowling. For both of these activities, you really have to engage with one another.

– Keep the Conversation Flowing

Blind dates can be awkward. You are spending one-on-one time with someone you have never met before. This is why it’s important that you keep the conversation flowing. Ask open-ended questions about your dates’ job, interests and hobbies. Really take an interest in what she has to say.

– Avoid “Yes” or “No” Question

The opposite of open-ended questions, close-ended questions should always be avoided. You want a nice, natural conversation with your date. You don’t want to interrogate them.

– Remember that Body Language is Important

Conversation is key for a successful blind date, but body language is important too. Maintain eye contact with your date and smile when it’s appropriate. These little signals will show your date that you like them.

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