Speed dating in Wellington is a fantastic way to meet new people, and there’s a thriving scene in the area. If you are thinking about trying it for the first time, or if you’ve tried it before, but just want make your experience more successful, then try implementing a few simple tips at your next event.

Tips for Success

If you want to increase your chances of meeting your future partner, then try following these simple tips.

Pick the Right Event

Choosing the right event is incredibly important. If fitness is important to you, then try visiting an event aimed at fitness enthusiasts. If you are a parent, try an event that’s aimed at people with children. Beginners should try standard events, which are aimed at their age group.

Greet your Date Warmly

Remember that speed dates are short, so you only have a small amount of time to make the right impression. A warm greeting can go a long way. It can get your date off to a good start. So when your date walks up to you, greet them with a warm smile and a friendly hello.

Use Subtle Body Language

Non-verbal communication is just as important as verbal communication. Make eye contact with your date while you talk, and smile when appropriate. Don’t go overboard, however, with smiling and eye-contact, as you don’t want to make your date uncomfortable.

Be Relaxed and Laid-back

If you are nervous, then your date will pick up on it. You want your speed dates to have a relaxed and laid back atmosphere. Try not to feel too nervous at your speed dating event. Consider that everyone else at the event is in the same position as you. Everyone at the event is there to meet new people, and most importantly, to have some fun.

Take an interest in your Date’s Interests

When your date is talking, try to take an interest in what they are interested in. If your date mentions that they like yoga, then ask them about that. If your date says that they like films, then ask them what their favourite movies are. If you take an interest in what your date likes, then the conversation will run much more smoothly, and you won’t experience any awkward silences.

Speed Dating Companies in Wellington

The Choice

The Choice is a speed dating company, which hosts speed dating events in Wellington. The company’s events are aimed at people from their twenties to their fifties. The Choice specializes in offering speed dating for professional singles.

Fast Impressions

Fast Impressions hosts speed dating events in the Wellington area, and in many other places in the country. The company offers events aimed at different demographics, such as over thirties and students.

Tick Tock Dating

This company hosts chic and sophisticated events, aimed at a number of demographics, including students and older women.

Speed dating in Wellington can be a great place to meet new people. Whether you are too busy for traditional dating, or you are just looking to try something new, speed dating is an ideal dating solution.

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